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Our mission is to help each child develop into a well-rounded, secure, confident person with a strong sense of self. We understand that each child is unique in how they process information and acquire various skills, therefore we believe in meeting each child exactly where they're at and celebrating our differences every day.

We aim to teach independence, collaboration, and social emotional education first and foremost. We empower children through play-based learning and creative exploration. While we do not adhere to a strict academic curriculum, we naturally weave these learning opportunities into our daily experiences. Our teachers are constantly observing and documenting what the students are interested in, and talking about with their peers. This is how we then sculpt our projects and investigations to guide our daily learning.

At Foothill, students are co-constructors of their learning and curriculum; meaning teachers and students work in a lateral relationship opposed to a hierarchical one. Through this approach, we build a strong foundation of lifelong skills, preparing children for Kindergarten and beyond!



Foothill Preschool is a creative, progressive, Reggio-inspired environment where young children receive a warm and enriching educational experience. Children are born curious and competent and should be respected and celebrated at every age. At Foothill Preschool, students are protagonists in their learning and are co-constructors of knowledge with peers, teachers, and parents. Our philosophy to education values a fun and nurturing environment that balances education with individual growth and development. 

Your child is unique and special. We take pride in creating learning opportunities that facilitate the acquisition and development of creativity, STEM, and social-emotional skills. Children have the rest of their lives to learn math and geography; which is why we believe early childhood education should focus primarily on social emotional learning and development. We help children learn how to advocate for themselves, to name their feelings, to develop friendships, to understand not only how to collaborate with peers but also why collaboration can be so important, and how to respond rather than react.

We strive to provide the children with the foundation they need to mature socially, emotionally and cognitively. We teach them how to listen to their bodies and honor their needs and express their interests. In doing so, we are developing fundamental skills that they will carry with them through the rest of their life.

Our dedicated, energetic and caring teachers provide a hands-on learning environment that promotes both critical thinking and creativity. Each child’s individual style of learning is valued and supported. Children are born communicating from day one and we believe it is our job to provide a safe space for them to be heard. By offering various exploration spaces and ample materials, we invite and encourage each child to express, discover, and learn in their own unique way. After that, it is the teacher’s responsibility to foster the exploration through investigation cycles and project-based learning.



110 S Roosevelt Ave, Lafayette, CO 80026, USA

(720) 939-4595

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